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Maths tuition and English tuition at NumberWorks'nWords Sutton is delivered one to one to each student by specialist tutors and specifically tailored to meet their individual needs. It's our job to discover what your child is capable of and then help them achieve their potential.

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Our mathematics programmes are curriculum based and cover all areas of the syllabus. For learning consistency, teaching methods match those used at school.
We offer effective reading, comprehension, writing, spelling and grammar tuition for every level from beginning readers to reading age 12.
Specialist maths tuition and English Tuition at NumberWorks'nWords Sutton.

NumberWorks'nWords Sutton

Phone 020 8642 8884


5 Robin Hood Lane
Surrey SM1 2SW

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Sutton Staff

Manager: Shannon Beer

My name is Shannon and I'm the manager of NumberWorks'nWords Sutton.

I first discovered NumberWorks'nWords when I was at High School. I always loved Maths but began to doubt my ability in year 10. So, I started weekly tuition at NumberWorks'nWords. I was thankful for the significant difference their help made to my grades and myself as a teenager. Once I finished my education I knew straight away that I wanted to help others just how NumberWorks'nWords had helped me.

I started here in 2007 as a tutor teaching maths and worked my way up to senior tutor in Maths and English. From there I became the assistant manager and now the manager.

I have 4 nephews and a niece who I spend most of my spare time with.  I love interacting with children and being able to teach them on an individual basis at NumberWorks'nWords is my favourite part of the job.

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What people say about us

My child has struggled with Maths from day one. It is with great relief that she is now performing at an age appropriate level and more importantly is enjoying...

Jennifer M.

I'm very impressed with your tutoring staff, as a parent I really appreciate the level of communication with me...

Prue B.

I'm pleased to report my child read his first 'chapter book' today. This is a major advance for him - something I know he would have waited a lot longer to have achieved...

Kevin F.

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